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Mon, 18 Oct 2010 23:48:11 GMT
Fake Facebook Profiles

One thing that has really been brough to my attention since the Jilliam Domani incident, is the amount of fakebook profiles. Of late, I was made aware of a ring of profiles that I happened to be friends with, but are really fake profiles of other girls.

  1. Jenna Marie
  2. Jenny Greenwood
  3. Julia Marie (previously Julia Newman)

When I asked Julia if her profile was fake, she immediately deleted it. These girls are fb friends, but they might actually be one person. Julia has been initiating fb chats with me for months trying to flirt with me. Jenny use to do the same until one day she got weird creepy and I unfriended her. If you search fb, then you'll find other girls with the same name.

I first caught on to their fraud when someone forwarded me the following link.
That's the real Jenna Marie telling us that the fb is fake.

Then I noticed that Jenna, Jenny and Julia are fb friends. They post on each others walls. Some of their pics are tagged with both Jenny and Julia. Also, at one point, Julia admitted that some of her pics were fake.

Why do girls create fake fb profiles of hot 20 yr old blondes and creep on guys? It turned out that Jillian was a hot 20 something chic named Channing Sleete. She's a good looking girl, why would she need to create a fake fb profile to get guys? Gurls? Guys are more desparate than you think. Play it straight up.

For those thinking about doing it or are already, then identity theft is a federal jailable offense. Think twice.

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