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Tue, 16 Jun 2009 03:15:49 GMT
Facebook Sucks

I'm so tired of Facebook restrictions. Today, I sent too many messages to my friends (about 20-30 at most). They issued me a warning, so I stopped. Then later, I found out they blocked me from sending further messages. Wait, I stopped when they warned me. And now they say I'm banned from the feature for continued misuse. WTF!? I stopped when I was warned and I wasn't doing anything wrong in the first place. I highly doubt anybody reported me. The restrictions are stupidly in the ballpark of normal usage now. This isn't even the first time this has happened. This is the 2nd time this happens to me. It's also happened to quite a few of my Facebook friends. Wake up Facebook! 

Update: WOW! I've even been blocked from writing comments on my own wall posts. Facebook is going right down the suck road.

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You must have said or Quoted the wrong thing, some people forget that this is a Public Meeting Place and etiquette is a Very
important issue, believe you me, FACEBOOK is very healthy
and will be doing well for many years, while reading your comment I noticed about 3 to 4 quotes that I'm sure would raise Flags.

FACEBOOK AND MYSPACE are for teenagers and people who HAVE NO LIFE!  This generation is so darn lazy!  They would rather sit in the house all day and play on FACEBOOK or MYSPACE or play video games then go outside and do REAL things like play sports or hang out with friends.  Also, Twitter is dumb too.  Like I care that someone is making toast, lol.  The people who use these sites need to grow up , stop being lazy, and GET A LIFE!


Facebook disabled my account yesterday afternoon with no warning and no reason given. My crime? You tell me. I don't swear, I don't send spam, I don't send out tons of friend requests, I rarely use their email function, etc, etc. I did absolutely nothing wrong! And even if there's the perception that I did something wrong, don't you think it would've been nice for them to WARN me first? Nope, I logged on, checked my status, logged off, logged on two hours later and my account was disabled. Do I know why? No. Have they responded to my request for assistance? No. Do EACH AND EVERY ONE of my former Facebook friends now think I did something wrong and have at least some level of distrust of me? Yes, emphatically. I can't even explain to them that it wasn't my fault. Facebook? Forget it. It sucks!
Facebook is a Nazi Regime that edits the things you say or do and if for any reason someone that works there sees fit they can just destroy all you have built up with no warning or recourse. I had over 1800 friends and family there and because of who I am I got a lot of fan mail and friends requests on a daily basis. Every day Facebook sent me people and suggested that I make them my friends there and so i would. But they just deleted me. They gave me some vague reason that I might have done 5 or 6 different things that might have harassed someone and so they just deleted everything. All my friends and family contacts around the world as well as all the correspondence that I had saved and built up. They told me their decision is FINAL and I have NO RECOURSE whatsoever. I am so tired of Nazi's in America ruling us and hating those opposed to themselves!!!Facebook is a Nazi Regime and is one of the bad things about AMERICA!!!

Victor the SnakeMannn
What I hate about Facebook is that every week for at least 5 hours a day a week (always when I want to go on) and today all day my facebook account is temporarily banned for Site Maintenance. WTF why do you have to maintain my site every fucking week!!!  Everyone else I know facebook is working!  Fuck Facebook!
Hhahah LOL! It sucks big time and everyone knows:) professionele webshop

Facebook is an insult to jesus

Facebook is an insult to jesus

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