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Mon, 15 Jun 2009 19:59:54 GMT
Rick Sanchez is the Biggest Twitter Fake

Listening to people like CNN's Rick Sanchez, is like listening to Bible thumpers. He's a populist for the Twitterers. When you spend your entire show BOGUSisming (bending over and greasing up) for the Twitteres, you sound so fake it's ridiculous. How does CNN put up with such public a_s li_kers?  This guys is the most fake reporter I've listened to in years. I love CNN and watch it all the time, but when this guy is on, I know he's just greasing up for the Internet geeks and I turn it off. It's so fake. Get a real opinion Rick instead of pandering to the Internet crowd.


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i feel u he needs to go to fox network because he fits in very well. hes nothing but a stupied reader.
he forgot who brought him to the dance...myspace, he ditched his followers there for twits on twitter ;)
cnn rick sanchez killed jeffrey smuzinick while intoxicated.
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