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Thu, 07 May 2009 02:29:06 GMT
RSS is Dead? Give me a Break.

Steve Gilmour says RSS is dead. That's a prediction more than a thousand times proven false. What Steve doesn't realize is that all his arguments for RSS dying are actually arguments for why it has won the day. Why? Steve thinks RSS is a user application. What he doesn't realize is that the very site he claims is putting RSS to death relies on RSS itself. How many have created bots that use the Twitter API to automatically post content from RSS to their Twitter page? Go to your Twitter updates page and guess what? Your Twitter updates page has an RSS feed as well. RSS is not an application, it's a platform. It's here to stay. Even if those that don't understand the technology think otherwise.

Thanks Candem!

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Agreed. To me RSS is the grease of the web and is essential for content dissemination.
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