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Sun, 12 Apr 2009 14:56:19 GMT
Is FeedBurner Dying?

Yesterday, I moved the blog and domain for The RSS Blog to a new server. Within an hour, a user reported a problem. I investigated and realized that FeedBurner was now picking up the wrong feed. It appears that it was not resolving the IP address with every pull, but rather using a cached IP address. I figured this was a temporary situation, but now it's 20 hours later and FeedBurner was still picking up the wrong feed. Worse, I noted that the feed itself had not been updated in those 20 hours. I pinged the FeedBurner server and that didn't resolve the problem. I ReSynced my feed and that did fix the problem. I have to ask myself how many people are RSS/FeedBurner savvy enough to have fixed this problem. FeedBurner really isn't for RSS savvy people like myself, but rather for the Joe-Blogger who doesn't want to manage his own RSS feed. More and more, I'm reading about user problems on FeedBurner. Just search for FeedBurner on Google Blog Search and most all you find is users struggling with the service. Somebody at Google should be doing this search daily and helping these guys. Is this service dying?

I think it's time for us all to call it quits with FeedBurner.

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Good article but I have no problems with feedburner at all and I manage the rss feed just fine.  Feedburner is more accessible for those of us who are blind and visually impaired as the podcast links are also headings and that makes easier navagation. I hope feedburner does fix problems and if we bring it to ther attention I'm sure they will as they don't want to loose thousands of potential customers.

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