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Tue, 23 Dec 2008 17:18:06 GMT
Google Blog Search Breaking!

Of late, I've noticed that Google Blog Search is failing me in the same ways that Technorati began failing me a few years back. The biggest problem is that a new result for my query will show one hour and when I return an hour later, that result has disappeared only to reappear again a few hours later.

Further, results are being reported where the blog entry does not contain a match, but rather that the match occurs in the blogger's sidebar. This leads to an enormous about of white noise/false positives. I'm guessing that Google is no longer simply indexing the RSS feed, but rather, they are indexing the entire blog page, including the clutter. Last, results from more than a year ago are being indexed today.

These are all problems that made me switch from Technorati to Google Blog Search in the first place.  Now Google has caught Technorati's cold? What happened? Did Google happen to hire the Technorati team? I really hope not.

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