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Wed, 23 Jan 2008 01:18:09 GMT
RSS Board Acquires RSS 0.91

It's finally starting to come together. Rogers Cadenhead announced today that Netscape has agreed to hand over the RSS 0.91 spec to the RSS Advisory Board. Netscape had grown weiry of hosting the DTD and specs for one of the older versions of RSS and Rogers has agreed to take on hosting of these files.

Rogers also created a How-To convert from RSS 0.91 to 2.0. Thanks Rogers for all the great work!

Here's a list from the Netscape blog of the new files being hosted on the RSS Advisory Board website.

RSS v0.9 spec:
RSS v0.9 DTD:
RSS v0.9 Help:
RSS v0.9 FAQ:
RSS v0.9 Character Encoding:
RSS v0.9 Troubleshooting:
RSS v0.9 Future Directions:
RSS v0.9 Terms of Use:

RSS v0.91 spec:
RSS v0.91 DTD:
RSS 1.0 schema:

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