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Tue, 13 Nov 2007 00:26:00 GMT
Atomic Problems

James Holderness is reporting that most RSS readers are still struggling with XML namespace use in Atom. James reported 1/3 of aggregators can't hand proper Atom namespace prefixes and 2/3 can't handler proper XHTML namespace prefixes. So after 2 years, people still can't Atom right. Don't you wish they had made some more simple? And they thought escaping titles was a problem.

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Very late responding to this (sorry) but the issue here isn't that Atom isn't sufficiently "simple" for people to get this right.  The issue is that truly namespace-aware XML processing is pretty much impossible unless you're using a real XML parser rather than a homegrown regex-based parser. 

These feeds that are failing are labratory-created feeds built to stress-test aggregators, not the millions of ordinary, working feeds that are being produced by thousands of Atom-enabled everyday apps in use by people.
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