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Mon, 13 Aug 2007 21:23:17 GMT
Flickr adds GeoRSS

Dan Catt announced that Flickr has better support for GeoRSS. From what I gather, you previously had to ask for the GeoRSS info with an additional query parameter, but it's now included with each photo. But I'm unsure if this is in addition to other geo information available in the feed. Here's a sample XML fragment from an RSS <item>.

<georss:point>22.876807 -109.898128</georss:point> 

Note that the GeoRSS information is redundant and somewhat harder to parse. That's not a good first impression of GeoRSS. IMHO.

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This is not a GeoRSS issue but an implementation of GeoRSS issue. The GeoRSS specification does not require (nor does it even suggest) redundent expressions for location. The example you provide shows GeoRSS Simple followed by the older W3C geo vocabulary. Check out for better examples of the proper use of GeoRSS.


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