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Tue, 24 Jul 2007 21:52:56 GMT
History of the RSS Advisory Board

Some people want you to believe that the RSS Advisory Board is unofficial and doesn't have the mandate to make clarifications to the RSS specification. I thought it would be great to create a time-line of the RSS Advisory Board. So that you can read the history yourself, thru blog entries, many from the horses mouth, Dave Winer's blogs.

Nowhere was there ever any announcement that the RSS Advisory Board ceased to exist. Rogers Cadenhead was a member of the board along side Dave Winer and has been on the board ever since. None of the members other than Dave Winer have ever suggested that the board discontinued at any point and Dave only after the fact. Dave is simply upset with the direction of the RSS Advisory Board since he quit on his own terms. So now, he claims the RSS Advisory Board doesn't exist, as if his blog can change history itself.

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