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Tue, 24 Jul 2007 16:29:14 GMT
Dave Winer, Feedburner and Weblogs.com
Here's a couple classic quotes from Dave Winer's recent blog entry on FeedBurner and Google.

I've been around this business a long time, and I was sure their strategy was to sell to a bigger company, and I don't trust big companies. [cut] So now someone at Google "owns" Feedburner and all their feeds. And they could, if they wanted to, change the feeds to another format, overnight, without asking anyone.


Wow, classic Winer. Here's another way of spelling Winer; W-E-B-L-O-G-S-.-C-O-M. Weblogs.com was Dave's little non-profit piece of the blogosphere that he extracted from his old company Userland. Another way of spelling Winer is V-E-R-I-S-I-G-N. That's the company he sold his little start-up website and critical piece of the blogosphere to. So, somehow, it's all evil that Google now owns FeedBurner and has the power to screw their users. As we all know, Google's philosophy is to buy start-ups and screw their users over. But it's all good when Dave sells his website for $millions to a BigCo called Verisign that is known to be pure evil. Remember that it was Verisign that redirected domain lookup misses to their own search engine. The only thing I can add is a new spelling of Winer.


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