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Fri, 06 Jul 2007 20:01:52 GMT
Pay Yahoo! Forever or Lose Everything on Flickr

I was one of the first people to get a Flickr account. This was long before the Yahoo! takeover. Over the years, I uploaded thousands of personal photos and used them in blog posts and more. After Yahoo! bought Flickr, the Uploadr stopped working and the support team was unable help me. Yahoo! had given me two years free because I was an early pro-user, but eventually even that wore off. A few months ago, I got an email saying I had to renew my membership. Since Flickr no longer worked for me, I decided not to renew. I didn't even bother reading the fine print either, but I assume it said in there that if I didn't renew, they were going to delete all my previous photos and they did. So, if you are a pro Flickr power-user, then you will have to pay them an annual amount, which they are free to increase, every year for the rest of eternity or you lose all your uploads. Everything. The comments. The photosets. Suckers! You want evil? Don't look at Google. Look to Sunnyvale.

BTW, after the photos were deleted, the Uploadr started working again. I can only assume it was related to the volume of photos I had.

Last, I was working on a Flickr widget when I discovered just how evil Yahoo! is. It works and you are free to use it, but I won't be building any more Flickr tools in the future. Basically, it takes a Flickr PhotoSet and creates an HTML slideshow. I was gonna call it the FlickrSetShow.

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In fairness, how long do you think Yahoo! should keep all your photos after you have stopped paying for the Pro account?

- Paul Watson

Many Web 2.0 services have both pro and free offerings. When you downgrade from pro to free, they don't delete all your work to date. I don't expect anything from Yahoo! I'll use the Web 2.0 services that don't delete your work.


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