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Sat, 16 Jun 2007 17:55:58 GMT
RSS 2.0 Gaining Marketshare

Rogers Cadenhead points out that RSS 2.0 is gaining market share since the RSS Advisory Board expanded. In the same period, Atom as lost market share.

Tim Bray points out that there's a new version of RSS (RSS 2.0.9). He also mentions that Atom has been stable since 2005. He fails to mention that Atom feeds produced before 2005 are incompatible with the current draft of Atom and that the current version of RSS is backwards compatible to RSS 0.91 (written in 1999).

I think these two points are well connected. All Atom feeds were broken in 2005 by a major change to the format. RSS, on the other hand, has remained backwards compatible thru the ages. Thanks mostly to the stubbornness of Dave Winer. Ya, we know he is stubborn, was and remains, but it turns out he was also right.

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