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Thu, 14 Jun 2007 21:53:01 GMT
Invalid RSS

Of late, I've noticed an up-tic in the amount of invalid RSS being pumped into the Web.  In many cases, the invalid RSS is being produced by software engineers that should know better. It's not hard to add a simple SOAP call to your regression tests. Or simply visit the W3C Feed Validator Service during your testing cycle.

Who's the culprit of this blog entry. How about reddit and simpy? The simpy feed is simply horrible.

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In building some aggregators and web services I have seen this problem a lot. Most often the issue is improper character encoding often as a result of the tool used to publish posts.

I never thought of it being the developers fault. You are right - they should check their feeds before implementing. It's easy to use a simple SOAP call when your application generates the feed.
I just started added support to Snarfer for simpy's funky date format, only to discover that the date the feedvalidator is seeing is not the same as what I am seeing. It seems their bugs are user-agent dependent (or something like that). I can't help but think it's deliberate - like they're toying with us. How do you screw up that sort of thing accidentally?

- James Holderness

Judging by how horrible their RSS feed is, I believe they really could screw that up accidentally ;-)


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