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Thu, 07 Jun 2007 14:52:06 GMT
Voting History

The voting history of the RSS Advisory Board members. The only requirement of membership on the board is to vote. Last time I published this spreadsheet, somebody resigned from the board. Compiled by hand. Sorry for any errors.

6/6/2007 12/14/2006 11/27/2006 8/12/2006 5/24/2006 4/17/2006 3/202006 2/21/2006

Rogers Cadenhead v v v v v v v v

Randy Charles Morin v v v v v v v v

Eric Lunt v v v v v v v v

Matthew Bookspan v v v v v x x x

James Holderness v v v x x x x x

Christopher Finke v x x x x x x x

Paul Querna v v x x x x x

Jenny Levine v v v v v v

Meg Hourihan v v v v v

Jason Shellen v v x x x

Jason Douglas v v v x x x x

Jake Savin v v v x x x

Greg Smith v v v x x

Loïc Le Meur v v

v = voted, x = wasn't a member at the time

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