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Thu, 31 May 2007 03:24:52 GMT
Livecasting is Next

Let me easily predict the future. The next big thing is livecasting. This is similar to podcasting, except that you can do your show live, like The Chris Pirillo Show.  These are both audio only or full video. Listeners of the live show can chat with each other and the host. The show can then be embedded on a blog to create an archive. You can consider this the next evolution of podcasting and YouTube. People want their 15 minutes of fame and now it's really easy to get it. In fact, when livecasting catches on, we can all have our 15 minutes of fame, once a week or even once a day.

Jason Schramm is the only livecaster that I know, but there are hundreds, maybe thousands already doing this. Jason does the AppleWatch livecast. I haven't listened to him live. He was on earlier today and sent me a link, but I was napping and didn't get the link in time to listen to his show. I would've liked to. Most livecasts are basically teen chats. A place for guys to hit on girls and girls to socialize.

There are a couple of such websites that really look interesting to me and are almost there, but not quite. If you know of others, then drop me a link so that I can review them too.


BlogTV is a live videocasting site. I went to the Canadian release party earlier this year. It was pretty evident that this was compelling technology, but the implementation was horrible. The HTML was invalid, the embed autoplayed. It only worked in Canada, so your audience was limited. I tried it again today and it looks like they've fixed a lot of things, but problems remains. The first big problem with BlogTV is that it geolocates users and stuffs them in a sandbox. In other words, Canadians can't watch U.S. shows and vice versus. The second big problem is that the chat client doesn't work. When I launch a live show, I get a bunch of security error message and the chat client fails to load. I suspect they didn't test in Windows Vista's user mode.


TalkShoe is a live audiocasting site. Jason Schamm uses TalkShoe. I reviewed them earlier this year and it was simply too hard. Dave Nelson of talkshoe told me they are working to make it easier. They currently have one major problem. To host a show, you either have to call-in by phone or Skype. It would be best if they had an integrated voice into their client download. The best part of TalkShoe is that they will pay you $50 when you record your 10th show. It's almost worth doing it for the $50 via PayPal. They even have a referral program. If you want to check out TalkShoe, then send me your first name, last name and email address and I can refer you. That'll give me an extra 25% on your earnings.

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