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Tue, 29 May 2007 01:01:34 GMT
The RSS Compromise

Today, I responded to Dave Winer's request for a counter-proposal. We've been in disagreement since the RSS board began using its right to clarify the specification in January 2006. The debate got hot when we tried to add four additional words to the spec last week. The proposal follows.

Here's a starting point that would be acceptable to me and I could present to the RSS advisory board.
Dave concessions
  • concedes that we are the true RSS advisory board
  • links added to Harvard site to refer to the current board
  • support for the RSS profile (even though he disagrees with some of
  • update Harvard spec to point to the rss-public mailing list instead
    of the dead forum
RSS Board concessions
  • concedes previous modifications to the spec
  • drop our version of the RSS spec
  • redirect our old spec webpage to the Harvard spec
  • link to the Harvard version of the RSS spec from the sidebar

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