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Fri, 25 May 2007 01:30:59 GMT
RSS Advisory Board Doesn't Exist

Today, Dave Winer says the RSS Advisory Board doesn't exist. Dave created the RSS Advisory Board. He later resigned from it. When I was appointed to it, he tried to get me to resign. Now he claims it no longer exists. Why? Because Dave said so? Dave, if you wanted to maintain control of the board, then why did you resign? When you resigned, you forfeited the right to decide its future. Just because you may disagree with what we are doing, doesn't restore you any rights.

I assume you are upset that we are making small clarifications to the RSS specification. And if Harvard doesn't want to respect that, then so be it. But when the RSS Advisory Board was created, the mandate was clear and included the right to make clarifications.

What does the advisory board actually do?
We answer questions, write tech notes, advocate for RSS, make minor changes to the spec per the roadmap, help people use the technology, send flowers to developers, maintain a directory of compatible applications, accept contributions from community members, and otherwise do what we can to help people and organizations be successful with RSS.

Rogers Cadenhead also wrote a response to Dave. He points out that Dave clearly gave permission to the remaining board to make spec clarifications.

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