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Tue, 22 May 2007 23:51:23 GMT
Facebook Rocks!

I've tried all sorts of social networks; Frienster, LinkedIn, MySpace, Tribe and much more. They all seemed very forced. I had a few real friends in the network, it was mostly blogosphere geek friends. Not that blogosphere friends aren't real, but I had never met most of them in real life. It wasn't a real representation of my life. I'm sure that was different with high-school students and valley geeks, whom had plenty of friends in the network. Facebook, on the other hand, is full of my real friends. I've hooked up with a dozen friends that I haven't met in 15 years. Instead of people posting spam on my profile (MySpace), my wall (Facebook) is full of comments from long lost friends. I've even talked to my wife, the ultimate non-geek, about Facebook and she knew what I was talking about. My wife has surfed the net only a few hours in her entire life. She doesn't have a profile on Facebook, but she knew the geekery I was talking about. It's exciting to get new comments on your Facebook wall. Nobody is trying to sell me viagara or call girl services.


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Whats wrong with people trying to sell you call girls?!?

Seriously though, I LOVE Facebook.   I'm still in the process of getting friends to sign up, but I'm already addicted.  

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