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Thu, 17 May 2007 16:02:24 GMT
I Like Facebook

I've never really liked MySpace. I use it because I want to stay in touch with what's hot. I've ignored Facebook, because I saw it as just another MySpace. In the last few days, I started poking around Facebook. I've hooked up with two childhood friends. We're sharing photos. This actually works. Now, I might get bored of it later, but right now, I'm actually excited when I get a Facebook email.


One problem, the Java-based photo uploader doesn't work. It takes several minutes to upload 76k photos and it always fails.

Update: Even the HTML form uploader is slow, but at least it works sometimes.

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They each have their differences obviously. I like facebook for friends/family and I like MySpace for keeping up to date with my favorite music artists.
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