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Mon, 14 May 2007 21:02:11 GMT
RSS is 25% of Yahoo! News Traffic

It's not exactly clear in the blog entry, but Syndication Gumption has quoted Neilsen/NetRatings reporting that 20-25% of the Yahoo! news traffic is coming via RSS URLs.

We have determined a URL coded to the Yahoo! News definition ( should be removed from the reporting data beginning with April 2007. The URL contributed traffic to Yahoo! News throughout the past 13 months (March 2006 - 2007) - providing a small amount of incremental Unique Audience for the Channel (2-3%) but, in recent months, contributing as much as 20-25% of the page views and time spent.

A more complete quote and context would shed more light if a reader would like to provide that.

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Thanks for the post.  This quote was from an email notification from Netratings about a correction that is necessary in the Netviews reporting.  Netviews product description:

Gain the competitive insight into consumer Internet and digital
media behavior that will allow you to evaluate media buying and
business development opportunities. Understand the reach,
demographics and engagement of Internet audiences.

They are saying a correction is needed.  In my opinion, they should report it as part of a change in media behavior.


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