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Sat, 12 May 2007 17:38:22 GMT
Top RSS Thinkers

Just in time for Nick Bradbury's 40th birthday, The RSS Blog readers have named him the top RSS thinker. Nick, the creator of FeedDemon, actually tied for first with his boss, Greg Reinacker, CEO of NewsGator. Dave, Rogers, the user and Sam rounded out the top 6.

  1. Nick Bradbury (20)
  2. Greg Reinacker (20)
  3. Dave Winer (16)
  4. Rogers Cadenhead (10)
  5. The Users (9)
  6. Sam Ruby (6)

I was surprised that Dick Costolo, founder of FeedBurner and Adam Curry, father of podcasting, didn't get more votes.

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Wow - I'm surprised at this, given how light my RSS blogging has been this year.  Thanks, folks!
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