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Thu, 03 May 2007 16:38:05 GMT
RSS Resume

Yesterday, Douglas Karr left a very challenging comment on Chip' Quips. Basically, Douglas wants to use RSS as an envelop for his resume. Others could subscribe to his resume and get an update whenever his resume changes.

Douglas has written before on this subject. He would like to do a tag query on Technorati and find matching resumes.

Standards for embedding resumes in RSS already exist. Microformats is the most commonly used format, but you can also simply embed an HR-XML Resume object in your RSS <item>. So, I decided to make this functionality available on ResumeBay. Hack. Hack! And done.


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Now that is an interesting use of RSS and it gets away from the usual date based usage. An online service that allows people to update their resumes this way would do well I'd think.

Paul M. Watson
Thanks Charles and Paul.

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