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Sat, 28 Apr 2007 03:32:37 GMT
RSS Thinkers

I thought it would be interesting to poll my users as to who they think are the top RSS thinkers. That is, people in the industry who've contributed the most to the RSS debate. Let's start by compiling a list and then I'll create a poll. Who else should be added to this list?

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I'm sure Steve Rubel would want to be on this list.
Julie Lindsay
Vicki Davis
David Warlick
Wes Fryer
Will Richardson
The millions of Bloglines, Google Reader, Net News Wire and FeedDemon users who are putting up with an imperfect system to drive the future of RSS.

Dan Libby

Matt Mullenweg
Mark Pilgrim and Brent Simmons.
I'll add Steve, Charlie, Brent, Matt and the users. The other I'm either not aware of or aren't currently contributing.

Type "339":
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