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Sat, 28 Apr 2007 02:40:28 GMT
Planned Google Calendar Outage

Earlier this week, Google sent me the following email [extract only].

We wanted to inform you that we are planning to conduct routine maintenance to Google Calendar between 8AM and 9PM on Thursday, April 26th, 2007 .

I asked myself when is the last time Microsoft said that Outlook would have a 13 hour maintenance outage. Now, I don't use Outlook, but I can't imagine big corporations viewing Google's planned outage email and not locking into Outlook and Exchange for another 5 years.

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To be fair it isn't a 13 hour outage, it is a 13 hour window in which there will be some outage. The email they sent me says I probably won't even be affected.

I agree though that this is the cost of hosted services.

At the same time there are very few Exchange systems in the world that can claim 0 down time during a year (I'd bet on there being 0 installs of Exchange that have 0 downtime in 365 days.)

With updates, upgrades and patches you can be sure sometime during the year your Exchange administrator will email everyone and say "Email and calendaring is going to be down this weekend."
I disagree that this is a cost of hosted services. We have fail-over techniques that should mean 0 down time, even with Web hosted applications.

Regardless of what you call it...note the times. This was during a weekday! During daylight! wtf...

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