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Thu, 26 Apr 2007 14:03:29 GMT
I Give Up on Twitter

twitterI'm finally giving up on Twitter. I never got it and the constant bugs have driven me off the cliff. When I first signed up, I wanted to get the twitter messages on my phone, but for the longest time, I never received any messages at all. I then switched to Gtalk and that seemed to work, although with bugs (duplicates, missing). I then tried SMS again and nothing happened for a day. I switched back to Gtalk and it worked again. Twenty-four hours after I should've received the SMS's, they started to trickle in. Today, I can't post with Gtalk either. Are people really having better successes? Or are you guys simply very tolerant of all the bugs?

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I'm tolerant of the bugs because Twitter isn't a central service. If it doesn't work I forget about it for the day, no worries.

Saying that Twitter is something that should be decentralised. It works best as a localised, small-group social system which is prime for distributed instances and processing.

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