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Wed, 11 Apr 2007 14:13:34 GMT
Top Web 2.0 Bloggers

I thought it might be interesting if I just list my top Web 2.0 bloggers. That's the people that I think write the best material on the Web 2.0 thingy. Note, I said bloggers and not blogs. Some of these guys share blogs with other bloggers. I'm specifically referring to their posts. The list is seven thirteen, that's because I found that many worthy. Feel free to leave a comment as to what other Web 2.0 bloggers you feel are worthy (no, not him).

  1. Richard MacManus (his blog was much better when it was him)
  2. Marshall Kirkpatrick (he was the author that made TechCrunch great)
  3. Mark Woodman (lesser known, but great)
  4. John Tropea (this guy loves OPML)
  5. Steve Rubel (he's not even a techie)
  6. Robert Scoble (needs an edge)
  7. Darren Rowse (most webvertising)
  8. Hugh MacLeod (the funny guy)
  9. Jon Udel (he was the best in 2005)
  10. Amit Agarwal (too many ads, but still great)
  11. Anne van Kesteren (on the technical side)
  12. Dave Winer (just don't argue with him)
  13. Rok Hrastnik (this guy needs to break out on his own)
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