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Mon, 26 Feb 2007 16:31:03 GMT
Cornerstones of RSS

With the coming of the 3rd birthday of FeedBurner, a company I consider one of the cornerstones of RSS' success, I'm asking the readers to tell me what companies they consider the cornerstones of RSS success.

Cornerstones of RSS
What companies do you think formed the cornerstones of RSS success?

6 Apart (Typepad, LiveJournal)
AOL (WeblogsInc, Netscape)
Apple (Podcasting) (Bloglines)
Automattic (Wordpress, Akismet)
Google (Blogger)
Juice (iPodder)
Microsoft (CDF, IE7)
Mozilla (Firefox)
NewsCorp (MySpace)
NewsGator (FeedDemon)
PodShow (Podcasting)
Userland (Radio, RSS)
Yahoo (, Flickr)

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Good one Dave. But I say success has already been had ;-)

Not to be obnoxious, Randy- but I'd LOVE to see a post in which you elaborate on what evidence you see of that success, given the still quite low adoption of RSS among users.

Really, I'm not trying to pick a fight- I really want to understand where you're coming from.

RSS is an integrated platform in IE7 and Firefox, the top two Web browsers on this planet. And I'll give you some more evidence later this week.

I am a bit on David's side in that RSS is not yet at a successful level. Installed user base is not the same as used user base.

But RSS will get there and it will be in the background. Users won't know they are using RSS.
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