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Sun, 25 Feb 2007 16:47:08 GMT
TalkShoe NOT Easy

Today I signed up and downloaded talkshoe. At first glance, this looked too good to be true. You get paid $5 for each of your first 10 episodes, plus $4 for each 100 listeners. This sounds like an easy $50 and if you are really desparate for the money, then you might want do it. I had two big problems with the website.

  1. I had to install a native Windows application to run my show. Not that I'm an Apple nut, but native applications of any sort are not popular in my house.
  2. I had to call into their voice system. You can also VOIP via Skype, but this should've been integrated into the download.

I suspect these problems are creating major barriers to entry for their users. That said, this does appear to be one of the best solutions for combined broadcasting and podcasting of audio shows.

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FYI - It is a Java app - so it runs on Windows AND Macs

If you check the Forum there is an integrated VoIP feature scheduled for an upcoming release in 2007

TalkShoe founder Dave Nelsen here. There are indeed both Windows and Mac clients. TalkShoe attempts to auto-detect your OS and offer you the right choice. Apparently, our auto-detect didn't work right in your case. Please try a second time.

Indeed, I agree with you that the lack of an integrated VoIP client is a barrier to using TalkShoe "Live". We are working hard to get exactly this capability into our March 20th release. If we don't make that date, it will be available NOT later than 2Q07. I'm even more anxious to get it out there than our users are.

Hey Dave, I'm alergic to you and your commentary!!!  Go
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