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Sat, 17 Feb 2007 18:07:09 GMT
Which RSS Readers have/do You Use?

A small survey (two questions) to find out just how accurate the FeedBurner stats are. Please feel free to link or embed this survey on your own blog.

RSS Readers
1. What RSS Readers have you tried?

Rmail GreatNews Google Reader
Bloglines NewsGator Online NetVibes
Rojo My Yahoo! Zhuaxia
Firefox Live Bookmarks News Alloy Pluck
Windows RSS Platform YeahReader Newshutch
NetNewsWire FeedDemon Akregator
FeedReader Opera RSS Reader SharpReader
BlogBridge RSS Bandit Thunderbird
Vienna Feedpath Omea Reader
RssReader Poco Online Reader Flock My News
NewsFire Attensa for Outlook Feedbringer.net
HanRSS NewszCrawler Omea Pro
RSSOwl Safari RSS Sage
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Current Results

 Please link to this survey so that we can get the greatest response. You can link to it in several ways.

  1. Link to this blog entry.
  2. Link directly to the survey entry form.
  3. Embed the code into your own blog entry.
    Email me (randy@kbafe.com) for the code.
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