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Fri, 02 Feb 2007 15:25:01 GMT

This week, I was invited to a preview of This is a new video blogging service. They gave me free beer and appetizers in hope that I'd blog about them and maybe start using their product. At first glance, the product is amazing. You can manage vlogs better than anything I've seen before. You can broadcast your shows live, invite co-hosts, your viewers can chat with you and between themselves. You can save your shows and post them on your blog. This is the software that you need to become the next Amanda Congdon. Screeeeech! There are just two problems.

  1. Most of you can't see the embedded video below because they are using geo-blocking to prevent use outside of Canada.
  2. The viewer is horrible. Even if you are in Canada the video and audible for the show below is jumpy, skipping words as it continuously rebuffers.  UPDATE: It appears its the actual video that is jerky and not the viewer.

Those two problems make BlogTV a bad choice for anybody trying to do professional Vlogging or who have an audience outside of Canada. But if they could fix these two problems, this could be the next YouTube.


A couple other minor problems.

  1. The HTML provided for embedding in a blog entry is invalid.
  2. The video autoplays by default.

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Hah, I was there. But I don't know if I saw you, since I don't know you. I would have said hi, though.
The video you have there is viewable outside of Canada.
Type "339":
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