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Sat, 13 Jan 2007 03:10:16 GMT
RSS Subscriber Count in User-Agent

A couple years back, many RSS clients started communicating subscriber data to FeedBurner via the User-Agent HTTP header. Now Fedafi wants to do the same thing. I think it's time that the RSS Advisory Board formalize some of these mechanisms. I'm going to include this in my RSS Feed State document and recommend it for adoption by the board.

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How about creating a separate dedicated header field for this, instead of somehow mixing it up into the user agent?

I agree that would be better, but getting everybody to change, will be difficult. It'll be easier just to document what is already happening.

An RSS user agent spec is a good idea -- there's enough multiuser readers doing it the same way we ought to be able to get others on board.

Rogers Cadenhead
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