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Thu, 04 Jan 2007 07:41:19 GMT
FeedBurner SiteStats

Simone Carletti is reporting (in Italian) that SiteStats is available to PRO users. I can confirm that I see a new Site Stats item in the left sidebar of the Analyze tab in FeedBurner. I was able to go to Standard Stats and enable site tracking. Since I already have FeedFlare, I don't need to add additional code. I'll report back what happens. FYI, I'm not a PRO user of FeedBurner. Really!



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Hi Randy,
an user on my blog confirmed that stats are available to all accounts.

When I activated them I have been redirected to TotalStats PRO page (I don't know why) thus I thought they were only for PRO users. :)

-- Simone
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