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Mon, 01 Jan 2007 22:44:41 GMT
Web 2.0 Predictions for 2007

Yes, I know, up to one million, maybe more, of you have been waiting for just this post. Well here it is, Randy Charles Morin's Web 2.0 predictions for 2007. Let's just start with an acknowledgement that my 2006 predictions were near perfect, even if Joey is poking fun at one of them.

  1. At least two of the core Web 2.0 stars of NewsGator, SixApart, Technorati and FeedBurner will sell-out. I doubt Google would buy NewsGator, SixApart or Technorati, as they are competitive, not complimentary. Do the math. I'm guessing FeedBurner to either Yahoo! or Google. Congrats to Dick and Eric in advance!
  2. Somebody will release a new version of RSS or a competing syndication format. I'm stealing this one from last year. Whenever in doubt, somebody will simply re-create RSS.
  3. Following up on my predictions from last year, the Web 2.0 bubble is gonna blow in 2007. The fallout will not mirror its dot-Bomb forefather. It will be mild. But Web 2.0 companies that don't get bought or reach profitability are going to find it harder to raise additional capital. Some will fail. Some will sell-out below their paid-in capital.
  4. Microsoft's RSS Platform will become the new meat of the RSS universe. Many new RSS readers will emerge based on the platform and some will become Web 2.0 stars before Santa's next visit. Many of these new RSS readers will not be blog readers, but rather will be components of much broader applications.
  5. Windows Vista will spur a buying cycle in the PC industry. Expect Intel, Dell, HP and AMD to have great years. Microsoft will again break their all-time earnings, but this will be the last Windows-based PC buying cycle. The buying cycle will last two years and Vista will reach critical mass in 2008.
  6. RSS enclosures will enjoy new life as podcatchers move to the mainstream and to video. Download Rocketboom or your favorite YouTube series to your video capable handheld device.
  7. What about MySpace? The social network that is so ugly that every teenager in America has to have a really horrible looking profile where they can reveal private details to pedofiles? Expect more of the same. Continued, but slowing growth. A lot of partnerships, especially with other News Corp properties. The prediction is that nothing major is happening to the behemoth of social software.
  8. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is the rock of social software. Slow and steady growth (at least compared to other social websites) has been its trademark. This is gonna change. Sequoia Capital, the money, isn't in the business of running profitable companies. Expect them to flip LinkedIn for good coin, like they flipped YouTube, PayPal and others before.
  9. On the back of MySpace, widgets will enjoy accelerated growth. If you can't beat MySpace, then you might as well get your content on as many MySpace profiles as possible.
  10. Dave Winer will not retire his blog, as promised. He can't. It would be like me or you giving up breathing.

More predictions...

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