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Sat, 30 Dec 2006 17:11:55 GMT
2006 KBCafe Blog Awards Nominations

Nominations for the 2006 KBCafe Blog Awards close tomorrow. You can nominate blogs by name, but it's better to nominate their blogsite homepage. You can also nominate one blog at a time, you don't have to nominate one in each category. You also have virtually unlimited (100) nominate votes and if you run out, then ping me and I'll bump that up.

KBCafe Blog Award Nominations
1. Best Google Blog

2. Best Yahoo! Blog

3. Best Microsoft Blog

4. Best Apple Blog

5. Best Toronto Blog

6. Best Sillicon Valley Blog

7. Best Web 2.0 Blog

8. Best Webvertising Blog

9. Best Syndication Blog

10. Best Internet Communication Blog

11. Best SEO Blog

12. Best L.A.M.P. Blog

13. Best Wireless Blog

14. Best Music Blog

15. Best Malware Blog

16. Best Gadgets Blog

17. Best Photo Blog

18. Best Video Blog

19. Best Movies Blog

20. Best Hollywood Insider Blog

21. Best Video Games Blog

22. Best Baseball Blog

23. Best Hockey Blog

24. Best Scifi Blog

25. Best War Blog

26. Best Vehicle Blog

27. Best Right-Wing Blog

28. Best Left-Wing Blog

29. Best Law Blog

30. Best Venture Capital Blog

31. Best Marketing Blog

32. Best Disease Blog

33. Best Food Blog

34. Best Anonymous or Former Employee Blog

35. Best New York Blog

36. Best Japan Blog

37. Best Middle East Blog

38. Best Web Design Blog

39. Best Web Services Blog

40. Best Gambling Blog

41. Best Basketball Blog

42. Best Football Blog

43. Best Religion Blog

44. Best Anti-Fan Blog

45. Best Family Blog

46. Best Sex Blog

47. Best MySpace Blog

Here's a few rules.

  1. Nominations for KBCafe blogs will be ignored.
  2. If I detect any cheating, then I'll simply remove the associated blogs.
  3. I reserve the right to change these rules to protect the integrity of the awards.
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