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Sat, 23 Dec 2006 01:17:49 GMT

Wow, this is the coolest thing to hit the blogosophere since blogs. With one line of javascript code or a feedburner burner, you can now put this really cool widget (image below) on your blog entries.




Update: The del.icio.us FeedFlare seems to be a little broken at the moment.

Update II: There's also formatting issues with both the FeedFlare and del.icio.us script. I've placed it at the top left of the blog, because anything else caused big gaps in the rendering.

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Weird...  I'm not seeing any issue on this page with the tagometer now, but someone else on another site mentioned something similar.  There's likely an odd interaction between the CSS used in the tagometer and what's used on your site.  If you'd like some help troubleshooting, maybe drop me an email at lorchard@yahoo-inc.com?
I've fixed the formatting problems by wrapping the script in a table. I can't be sure, but I think you guys are doing something like style.clear = "both".

Thanks for this tip!

I was about ready to give up on tagometer!
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