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Tue, 19 Dec 2006 01:09:29 GMT
RSS Board Charter

In the last couple votes of the RSS Advisory Board, only half of the members voted. Six of the member didn't vote in either (or abstain), even though they received multiple reminders of the vote. Now that we have a reasonably complete board, it's time to start pruning the tree. Rules #9 of the RSS Advisory Board charter states "Members who do not participate in two successive votes may be removed at the discretion of the chair." What about three successive votes and no participation on any of the message boards. What about Mark Woodman? He hasn't voted yet. And should.

Stats below were compiled by hand and may not be entirely accurate.

Name Last Post AutoDisco II AutoDisco I RSS Spec Mime Type
Matthew Bookspan Dec 13th v v v v
Rogers Cadenhead Dec 18th v v v v
Loïc Le Meur Aug 11th v v
Jenny Levine Aug 10th v v
Jason Douglas Dec 13th v v x
James Holderness Dec 18th v v x x
Eric Lunt Dec 7th v v v v
Meg Hourihan May 15th v
Ross Mayfield n/a v
Randy Charles Morin Dec 13th v v v v
Jake Savin Dec 8th v v v
Paul Querna Nov 28th v x x
Greg Smith Oct 5th v v
Jason Shellen May 16th v

v = voted, x = not a member at the time of the vote

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