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Wed, 13 Dec 2006 17:08:28 GMT
Wordpress Blogiariam :-)

It's amazing how many Wordpress bloggers are copying each others content. Here's a screenshot that I find on at least one (usually much more) Wordpress blogs every single day.


Please read this with a sarcastic inner voice.

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No Fair! :)
It's on sleepyblogger (mine) all the time.  PHP can be a great draw of resources when running on a windows server.  I just moved all my stuff to a linux server so we'll see. 

It's probably because so many blogs are running on dreamhost or on mediatemple's new grid server.  Although popular, both are vicitims of their own success.
Was my problem and I am a novice webmaster, found php crap too unuser friendly. I base this on this problem they have of not emailing logins or was it my problem anyhow; I can get service elsewhere that is user friendly. So I deinstalled all that crap I was trying to get to work,  for weeks,  on my new domain name: mygtg.org using ipower.
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