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Wed, 13 Dec 2006 14:49:58 GMT
2006 Web 2.0 Predictions Recap

Time to review my 2006 Web 2.0 predictions.

  1. Somebody bought YouTube for $millions. Check! That might be obvious now, but 12 months ago, few people had heard of YouTube.
  2. The RSS Board released a minor upgrade (or two) to RSS 2.0.
  3. Yahoo! and Microsoft both have RSS intergrated email clients.
  4. The number of blogs in the U.S. exceeds its popolation.
  5. Web layoffs have begun.
  6. Ad-based startups continue to grow.
  7. APIs have gone thru the roof in 2006.
  8. Online ad servers thru the roof.
  9. Dave got pissed at Rogers Cadenhead and Mike "I'm allowed to have conflicts of interest but you aren't" Arrington.
  10. Oops! No RSS appliances yet.

Nine out of 10, not bad.

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I'm pretty easy this way. I'll take the 10 out of 10 ;-)

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