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Sat, 09 Dec 2006 22:57:02 GMT

The following is a paid review:

I like to play a free game of online poker everyday and if you have a Windows PC, then you have a big choice of online poker rooms. But if you have a Mac, then your choice is very much limited. is a website dedicated to online poker for Mac users. The website is easy to navigate and well laid out. They have a Mac Poker News blog and a Poker Tips blog RSS (valid RSS), a list of popular the Mac online poker software with reviews, Mac online casino software with reviews and lots of articles on poker strategy. They recommend four online poker rooms for the Mac; Full Tilt Poker, PokerRoom, Party Poker and Pacific Poker and four online casino rooms for the Mac; CasinoRoom, 888 Casino, Bodog Casino and Cherry Casino. Click on the links to read their extensive reviews of the online poker and casino rooms. Full Title Poker they rate the best Mac poker software. PokerRoom sounds interesting as it doesn't require a download. Of the reviewed poker rooms, I've only played Party Poker and I wasn't too happy with it, as the blinds go up too slow, the players are too patient, which all leads to a very slow and long game. I'm a busy guy. I tend to stick with ScorePoker (best games, but not enough of them) and PokerStars (always a game ready to go). If you're looking for poker software for the Mac, then check out

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Are you really doing PayPerPost?   Is this some kind of experiment?   I'd be really interested to hear if it impacts your subscriber count. (5804 at the time of this comment)

- Mark Woodman
SO far off-topic, Randy.  Bleah.  Please don't accept paid reviews unless they relate to the topic of your blog?
Nah, I just think Randy wants us to experiment with feed filtering services. This is just the incentive that I needed to try the ones that got launched recently.
If you could please tag your posts with the right keywords, that would make it a bit easier for me.
Will all PayPerPost posts start with "The following is a paid review"?  Please let us know so we can set our filters properly?

And will you always put:

"My contribution cannot be regarded as unbiased because I sometimes write reviews for money"

on everything else you post???

I think you've made a fatal mistake. One of the people I read because I trusted them has just sold out.

Spare me the "experiment" crap.

You've sold your soul for a hundred bucks.


Quite honestly, here is my opinion:
You were on my top reads section. You have dropped to my lowest section in my RSS reader. If this happens again, it goes to the trash can level.

Randy , its cool with me.  All monies go to sick kids, so "WRITE ON"

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