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Fri, 08 Dec 2006 16:09:42 GMT
RSS on Blogger is 404?

I encountered a blog today on where the previously available RSS feed is no longer available (404). It wasn't redirected to the Atom feed, it was simply removed completely. I checked the Rmail database and this seems to be happening to a few Blogger blogs. A bit of investigation and guess work leads me to believe that this happens when you upgrade from the old Blogger to the new Beta Blogger. The result is the Blogger users are losing their RSS subscribers.

Update: I started looking at 404 feeds in the 39k feed Rmail database. Here's a couple surprises.

I updated them to Jason's new feed, but can't imagine how many subs he's lost.

Update II: There doesn't appear to be very many Blogger blogs in this situation and very few of the bloggers have upgraded to the new Blogger Beta. Also, not one Blogger RSS feed was malformed XML.

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That brings up an interesting question: What are the most popular feeds in RMail that are now 404?
That is a good question. I'm doing the work right now, so I'll report back momentarily.

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