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Tue, 05 Dec 2006 15:27:27 GMT
The Etiquette of Redirected Feeds

Mark Woodman is concerned about the etiquette of redirecting feeds. He asks "Is it okay if a feed follows an author to a new site? Is redirecting a feed to a strongly-related site a reasonable thing to do? Is it a nice convenience, or does it feel like a bait-and-switch? When is it not okay? Is announcing intent enough, or should something else be done? What do you think?"

If I redirect The RSS Blog feed to a site I know my users won't appreciate, then that is not good ethic. As a subscriber, you've placed a bit of trust in me that I won't be sending you crap anytime soon. If I break that trust, then you will never sub me again. It's not really a question of etiquette, but rather trust. In the meanwhile, while you trust me, I'm sending you to FeedBurner (so is Mark), because I trust them.

Please post comments on Mark's blog, unless they pertain to me or my opinion. Thanks!

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