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Tue, 05 Dec 2006 02:28:27 GMT
State of the Blogosphere Ping, Part II

Eric Giguere is frustrated with Technorati and has renamed it Technocrapi. His blog hasn't been updated in 124 days. I've had this problem too! Just over a year ago, I complained that all of my blog were sporadically updated in Technorati. Dave Sifry jumped in, did something and since then, all my blogs are updated regularly. But what did Dave really do? I think he added me to the same list as Fred Wilson, that is, privileged blogs that get indexed because we don't want them complaining about Technorati. Yet, more than a year later, Technorati remains broken for many bloggers like Eric. Very frustrating. I'm lucky that Google Blog Search picked up Eric's post or you wouldn't even be reading this.

Last May, I told the world in my State of the Blogosphere Ping address that blogosphere pings were broken. Bob Wyman denied it all. Here we are, one year later and Bob Wyman's PubSub has completely disappeared and Technorati is still not working. I'm sure I'll hear that I'm wrong, but how many years till this actually works? Infinity!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm pinging everybody I can. Why? Because I know I'll be better indexed that way. But I'm a techno-geek. Not everybody blogger knows how to do this. They are at the mercy of dogmatic ping pushers. Their stuff won't work. It doesn't matter if The RSS Blog is indexed in Technorati. It matters if all the Eric Gigueres are well indexed. Pinging is OK. Solely relying on pings equates to brokenness. Start polling once in awhile, that's how RSS works!

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Randy, since I've had to stop using PubSub, I've found that Google Blogsearch really provides the most reliable and useful tool for tracking blogs. They've got a fast search engine, good coverage, results as feeds, and support from Google Alerts.

bob wyman

(In fact, I'm so pleased with Google, I joined them!)

Congrats Bob!

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