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Thu, 30 Nov 2006 03:16:07 GMT

I got an email from Spokeo creator Harrison Tang. Some excerpts follow...

Spokeo is a multimedia RSS reader that aggregates blogs, photos, and videos on the Web.  Its backend works like Google News, and it only syndicates publicly available information.  This means that Spokeo does not currently support private profiles or Facebook.
Spokeo's main feature is "recommend".  When someone recommends a post, it will show up on his (her) friends' Spokeo pages.  This way, the post can spread through the network beyond the first-degree readership.  In addition, much like Digg, the most recommended stories will appear on the Featured User page.
Spokeo aims to introduce RSS technologies into the mainstream.  Most techies understand the power of RSS reader, how it empowers people to track numerous sources and digest more information.  The mainstream users' attentions, however, are still locked into one or two major portals. By bridging RSS with social networks, Spokeo facilitates information flows, decentralizes people's attention from portals to niche blogs, and benefits the blogosphere as a whole.


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I subscribed to Spokeo because they said they had a photo from a search of mine that was posted yesterday and they did not have the photo and the message they claim was yesterday was from more than a year ago.How do I reach these people or Mr. Tang??  I can be reached at coffeegeniusbyjim@yahoo.com
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