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Tue, 07 Nov 2006 18:19:48 GMT
Why RSS 2.0? It just works!
People often ask me why do I preach use of RSS 2.0 and not the other flavors of RSS. Today, I ran across another great example. del.icio.us uses RSS 1.0 and for months Google Reader users have not been able to subscribe to del.icio.us feeds. Why? It's pretty simple, because RSS 2.0 makes up the vast majority of feeds today, RSS 2.0 is simply better supported and more reliably implemented (by Google Reader and almost every RSS client out there). That is, you know RSS 2.0 just works. You can't say that for RSS 1.0. 
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Sorry to disappoint, but the Reader/del.icio.us crawl issues have nothing to do with RSS 1.0 vs. 2.0.

Mihai Parparita
Google Reader Engineer
Then what? I'm only reporting what users are reporting that del.icio.us support told them.


The Reader and del.icio.us teams have not yet come to an agreement on how often Reader can crawl del.icio.us. Generally, you will see that del.icio.us feeds update in Reader, just not as often as you'd expect.

Mihai Parparita
Google Reader Engineer

This particular problem is more a hosting resources and traffic issue than a feed format issue.  We'd likely have the same problem in this instance, even if we were using RSS 2.0.  That said, I've been measuring our RSS 1.0 feeds for a coffin lately - but no date on the headstone yet.
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