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Tue, 31 Oct 2006 18:22:40 GMT
Overloading RSS

David Kirk doesn't like all the overloading that is going on in RSS content. I have to agree, embedding FeedFlares, related posts, copyright notices, etc are a job for RSS clients, not something that should exist in the post content. On the other hand, I have to disagree on ads, because big media isn't gonna give us full-content RSS without embedded ads. It's a compromise I'm willing to make. What do you think?


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I agree completely. But I have to ask then, why does the feed in which I just read this message have a bunch of FeedFlare junk at the bottom?

- James Holderness
As the author of The RSS Blog, I'm obligated to test this stuff, find out what it's about and report on it. Good or bad.

Let me disclose also that I was Dev Manager of alerts at 724 Solutions, when 724 bought spy-on-it, an alerts company, founded by the exact same team as FeedBurner.

Sorry. Dumb question. I guess that should have been obvious.

While we're on the subject of FeedBurner services, though, are they responsible for the del.icio.us links that show up in your feed from time to time? The reason I ask is they keep showing up as repeats with different guids every time. It's a bit annoying.

- James

Yes, FeedBurner is responsible for those links. They should be showing up, once per day (at most) and each day's set of links should have a unique GUID. I'm unsure what you mean by REPEATS. What exactly is repeating and annoying about them?


Lets say you do a new set of links for today which should show up in the feed as a single entry "Links for 2006-11-01 [del.icio.us]". What oftens happens (although not all the time) I'll get maybe 5 to 10 new entries with the last 5 to 10 days worth of links (10-26, 10-27, 10-29, 10-30, 10-31 and 11-01).

I thought at first it was just a duplicate checking bug in my client, but I've looked in the database and each repeat has its own guid. For example "Links for 2006-10-07" showed up at least twice: once with the guid "urn:item:7204287" and once with the guid "urn:item:6991834". I'm afraid I don't have a more recent example since I usually delete them straight away.

Anyway I'm saving a copy of your current feed now, and if it happens again I'll be able to show you exactly what I mean.
- James

Thanks James. In the meanwhile, I'm bring the FeedBurner guys into this thread.


You were correct. Eric found the problem. This should be fixed.

Excellent! Thanks for sorting that out.
- James

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