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Wed, 20 Sep 2006 22:21:28 GMT
Techmeme cannibalizes Memeorandum

Bob Wyman: I stumbled across a fairly striking case of cannibalization... Many may remember that on May 8, 2006 Gabe Rivera's popular Memeorandum site spun out it's technology section as TechMeme. It is well known that Techmeme has been successful in rapidly gaining a very respectable readership. But, what may not be as well known is that much of Techmeme's gain seems to have been at the direct cost of its parent --- Memeorandum.

Randy: Click thru to see Bob's Alexa graph.

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If you read the post, be sure to see the comment from Gabe Rivera which explains, among other things, that since Alexa rankings are weighted in favor of technical users, a shift of readers from the non-technical Memeorandum site to the more tech-friendly TechMeme site results in a disproportionate drop in reported Memeorandum traffic.

bob wyman

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