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Sun, 17 Sep 2006 18:05:51 GMT
I'm amazed how many people recently have started internalizing their links. Often, when referring to something external to our blogs, we place a link on a keyword so that readers can easily click on the link to see what we're talking about. Others have started replacing those external links with related articles on their own blogs. I then have to Google up the external reference, because the blog in question doesn't link externally. After I do that two or three times, I unsubscribe.
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Not very generous w/. the google juice, or especially smart... Wouldn't this repeated internal linking hurt a site's own search positioning too?
Hey Randy,

Feel free to mail me about this - I'm always open to suggestions about how to improve.

I remember when you first started, there was nothing but AdSense on the screen when viewed your webpage. I thnk somebody eventually told you how dumb it looked that their was no content on your webpage unless you scrolled down, so you changed it. Now, you only link internally. Kind of gets boring after awhile. What's next?


You're in no position position to complain that AdSense covered his website.

Mashable contains a tremendous amount of original content and links internally so that it's readers can find it all. I would much prefer that over the large blog circlejerks that appear elsewhere.
You obviously don't remember the old Mashable.


There's no such thing as the "old" Mashable.  Up until last week, there were *zero* adsense ads for regular readers.   Now there is one small adsense ad along the top of the individual posts.  The large ads you're referring to are shown only when certain criteria are met, and most readers never see them (they're still there, however).  I think this is a good way to monetize the site, since it saves my regular readers from seeing many ads.


Now I understand. Most of my readers are not regular readers of your blog, so when they click thru from my links to you, instead of seeing what I thought was there, they see only ads?


No, your readers don't see the large ads, they'll only see a small ad.  Anyone coming via a blog, RSS etc sees very little advertising.
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