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Mon, 21 Aug 2006 21:33:16 GMT
BOGU Killed the Elephant

In a recent post, Robert Scoble stepped out of his Microsoft BOGU shadow and landed a knockout punch on Microsoft and Dare Obasanjo. The Scobleizer pointed to a list of's most recently updated Spaces to note that most of them have no public blog entries. Robert may have been wrong on some points, but fact is, he revealed a major failing of Spaces, which is that their blogs contain mostly non-public posts or no posts at all. He was also, not the first to point out of the weakness of Dare's counter arguments. Dare doesn't pull punches, but name calling doesn't make an argument. You have to wonder about Microsoft's face to the blogosphere with Scoble and Niall 404, as Dare's argumentative style may re-unearth the darker side of Microsoft.

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