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Mon, 21 Aug 2006 20:50:43 GMT
Atom API on

David M. Johnson says that Google is getting ready to roll out Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) support for

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hey there - my name is pierro ;

im from germany and i know we dont know us and my english is not so nice,, but :
i will start to try a quite helpcry . .
im loking for a possibility to interact 2 blogs .
more exactly - if i tipping a post on my blogger or wordpressblog,
than i wants the same post to end on mine blogger_blog .
(on the fly)
i dont want use :
- first read the rss and than can i sending this feed !

is this possible ?
so - and now i hope you understant what im write - and wait for
a little feedback . .
so long pierro

oh - i see right now the
rmail button  . .

without that to :-)

thanks for you`r time . .  i guess , im on the right way :
with - generate rss to javascript . . .

so far, pierro

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